Camping and Hiking Equipment

Camping and Hiking Equipment

Knowing what to take on a camping or hiking trip can be a daunting task. With so many things to choose from, which ones should you pack? Luckily we're here to help! Below is a guide to all the camping products that will make your trip the best one yet.

Tents - Not surprisingly, a tent is a pretty important item to take camping! Which tent you should choose all depends on how many people will be staying in it and which layout best suits your situation. We'd recommend going for a slightly larger tent than you need, so you've always got enough space. However, don't forget that the bigger the tent, the more weight you'll have to carry... which means you may want to downsize if you're going to be doing lots of travelling.

Sleeping - Sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses and ground mats will make your camping trip a more comfortable one. Depending on the season and conditions, your choice in sleeping items will vary. Make sure you check the comfort level to ensure you get a sleeping bag that suits the temperature you'll be sleeping in. Also, the packed size and weight is important for carrying and transporting.

Air mattresses are great but again the added size and weight can be a problem, in which case you may want a light foam ground mat instead.

Rucksacks and Bags - Carrying your gear is always a very important part of any camping or hiking trip. Many bags have added features such as extra pockets or cool pouches for drinks. Make sure you get a rucksack that's comfortable as well as practical. You don't want to carry a bag for hours that hurts your back or shoulders.

Walking Poles - Walking and trekking poles are a great aid when walking long distances. Consider your needs and the terrain you will be hiking on before making your purchase. Less expensive poles may be heavy or not as strong as others, so you may want to consider a lighter or more durable model.

Cooking and Eating - Whether you are looking for a gas stove or knives and forks, there's a huge range of camping cooking and eating equipment available. If you can think of it, there's most likely a camping equivalent! Again, remember that everything you take camping is added weight and size. Multipurpose items are a great idea if they suit your needs.

Knives and Tools - A knife or penknife is a great tool to have handy when camping. Survival knives are much more durable and better in survival situations, but penknives are great for your average camping holiday.

First Aid and Survival - A first aid kit is always a must on every camping or hiking trip. Make sure you don't leave home without it. Always be aware that accidents can happen, so make sure you plan for an emergency. Hydration and nutrition is also very important, so items such as survival meals and energy bars are useful things to pack.

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